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Flamegirl (TTA)GamecrazedHonestly this wiki is shit you all suck youre all mean i hate you all its so bad WHy WOuld YOu DO THis
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File:162px-Demon Zetto.pngFile:180px-Alphathinking.pngFile:180px-Alphazettoclash.png
File:180px-Kirbopher1111 by Kirbopher15.pngFile:180px-Simdragon.pngFile:350px-EP 4 Screen 1.png
File:Aerial Dive.PNGFile:Alpha TTA.pngFile:Alpha and GC vs. BB and Raccoon.PNG
File:BB and Raccoon's Comeuppance.PNGFile:Battle Encountered.PNGFile:CHARGE!.png
File:Catching Up.PNGFile:Confrontation.PNGFile:Curious Alpha.PNG
File:D-Bugs Introduction.pngFile:DK's Punishment.PNGFile:DK IS HERE.PNG
File:Decision!.PNGFile:Demon Flame.PNGFile:Disc Onslaught.PNG
File:Double Stun.PNGFile:EXE by Kirbopher15.png.jpegFile:Example.jpg
File:Flamegirl TTA.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:Gallery.png
File:Gamecrazed TTA.pngFile:Hangin' Out.PNGFile:Ice Shard.PNG
File:Icy Entrapment.PNGFile:Jumped By The Gel Dragon.PNGFile:Kidnapped.PNG
File:Kirb Huntin'.PNGFile:Kirbopher15 TTA.jpgFile:Nailock Arrives.PNG
File:Nailock Saves The Day!.PNGFile:Nailock Slash.PNGFile:Nailock TTA.png
File:Netkings.jpgFile:Noobs Unleashed.pngFile:Onlooking Admirer.PNG
File:PLAYER 2...DEFEATED.PNGFile:Pwnt.PNGFile:Raccoon.png
File:Sat Appears.PNGFile:SaturnDiva TTA.pngFile:Snipe vs. Kirb.PNG
File:So Long DK.PNGFile:Stop Flamey!.PNGFile:Super Disc.PNG
File:TOME Terrain of Magical Expertise (About The Show)File:TTA Alpha's Stat Card.pngFile:TTA Alpha Avi.PNG
File:TTA Flamegirl's Stat Card.PNGFile:TTA Flamegirl Avi.PNGFile:TTA GC's Stat Card.PNG
File:TTA GC Avi.PNGFile:TTA Intro.PNGFile:TTA Intro 2.PNG
File:TTA Intro 3.PNGFile:TTA Intro 4.PNGFile:TTA Kirb's Stat Card.PNG
File:TTA Kirb Avi.PNGFile:TTA Nailock's Stat Card.PNGFile:TTA Nailock Avi.PNG
File:TTA White Queen's Start Card.PNGFile:TTA White Queen Avi.PNGFile:The Defeated Demon.PNG
File:The Journey Begins.pngFile:The Midst of Battle.PNGFile:The Secret Sniperwave.png
File:Together Again.PNGFile:Tome alpha by kirbopher15-d4g1a4p.pngFile:Tome doubling by kirbopher15-d4gach7.png
File:Tome flamegirl by kirbopher15-d4t52z0.pngFile:Tome gamecrazed by kirbopher15-d521lhf.pngFile:Tome kirbopher by kirbopher15-d4i6ekm.png
File:Tome nylocke by kirbopher15-d53cpbb.pngFile:Tome rockoon by kirbopher15-d4gacas.pngFile:Tome saturndiva by kirbopher15-d4taghv.png
File:Tome t bones by kirbopher15-d52vbze.pngFile:Tome whyti by kirbopher15-d4tagcq.pngFile:Unknown-1.jpeg
File:Video.pngFile:Virus Revealed.pngFile:White Queen TTA.png
File:Wrong Alpha.PNG

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